Where are they now? - Stephen Gough

In the first of an all new segment here on ‘Between the Stripes’ entitled ‘Where are they now?’, our very own club historian, Martin Stapleton will speak to a number of former Town heroes who many may have forgotten about in an attempt to jog a few memories and reel in the glory days (and the not so bright days too). After days of research and flicking through phone books (we didn’t know people still used them either) Marty managed to track down a suitable candidate with Stephen Gough the first man of days gone by to speak to ‘Between the Stripes’ for this exciting new feature. All our ‘Where are they now?’ interviews will be published in a quick and snappy Q&A format so that you can enjoy all the facts you need to know on your favourite former Town stars. Stephen Gough 2006


Q: It is over six years since you left us. What have you done since then?

A: I moved to the Middle East 4 years ago to work. I spent 2 years in Abu Dhabi and the last 2 in Qatar. I will probably stay here until the World Cup in 2022 and then move back home. I'm a project manager for a multinational engineering company whilst I also co-own a football club playing in the 3rd tier of the Qatar league called EIS Pearl Community football club and I am a director of Pro-Stats.

Q: Are you still playing footie in Dubai?

A: No I'm finished playing football. I'm the assistant manager at the club I co-own while I also get heavily involved in the coaching.

Q: I know that you are still regularly in touch with “Shels” manager Kevin Doherty so are there any other Town players that you are in contact with still?

A: I still often speak to Davy Byrne, Dave Mooney, Alan Cawley, Gary Cronin and obviously “Big Doc”.

Q: Do you get to watch the league of Ireland in Dubai and do you still keep an eye out for our results?

A: Yeah, I keep an eye on the results every week and also watch games whenever they are on TV as I have the same TV package as in Ireland.

Q: Do you get back home to Ireland much and do you see any League of Ireland games when you come back home?

A: I get home twice a year for 2 weeks at a time. I do try get to games when home but it can be difficult as I have so many people to try and meet in that short time home.

Q: From your two spells with us what would be your all time Longford Town side?

A: Shay Kelly, myself, Sean Dillion, Kev Doherty, Sean Prunty, Alan Kirby, Davy Byrne, Dean Fitzgerald, Alan Cawley, Dessie baker, Dave Mooney. 4-4-2.

Q: How do you think Ireland will do in the Euros?

A: I genuinely think we will get out of the group and then who knows, every game after that is a cup final and can go either way.

Q: What was your favourite League of Ireland club when you played?

A: Shamrock rovers, sorry lads.

Q: Is there anything that you remember most from your two spells with us?

A: I loved the stadium, loved the pitch and everything about the set up.

Q: What happened that you came back to us for your second spell when I think Aaron Callaghan signed you?

A: Alan Gough signed me. There were changes in management and results were poor with unrest behind the scenes. Aaron was one of the best coaches I've ever had and I'm surprised “Goughie” didn't go on to manage elsewhere.

‘Between the Stripes’ wish to take this opportunity to thank Stephen Gough for taking time out of his busy lifestyle in Qatar to speak to us. Credit to Marty Stapleton (@marty_stapo) for putting this together and I think you will agree it’s great to be able to hear from a former Town player all the way on the far side of the globe. Best of luck to Stephen for the future in everything he does and we hope you will keep an eye out for our next ‘Where are they now’ segment.