RIVAL VIEWS: Wexford FC media officer Shane Marron speaks to #BTS


It was heart-breaking to me personally, and a shock to us all when the news broke regarding the end of Wexford Youths. It was a well-run club, with great people involved. But in football, as in life, things move on, and as much as we can sometimes want them to, things cannot stay the same forever. You have to just pull up your socks, and get on with things.

So what about Wexford FC then? Off the field, the club is being run well. We have great people involved (again), and we make sure to live within our means. On the field, it has been a difficult time. To go 12 games without a win was so cruel. Prior to playing Longford at home earlier in the season we were playing a 4-4-2 system and we possibly looked a little soft through the middle. But then the management introduced a 5-3-2 system and things started to look up (starting with a 0-0 draw against De Town). I feel we were desperately unlucky to have only picked up 2 points in that second block of 6 games. We played really well at times, but the aim of the game is to put the ball in the net, and we weren’t (still aren’t) doing it with consistency – a problem that I’m sure the fans at the CCS can relate to.

Last time out against Shelbourne, we finally picked up the win that our performances in recent weeks deserved. Thomas Croke’s 3rd minute shot trickled past Dean Delany – but who cares if it was scored like that or a 40 yard screamer? Not me anyway! It was a goal and it gave us our first win.

I’m sure there were many people looking from the outside who scoffed at us only picking up our first win of the season in week 13 (that left us still rooted to the bottom of the table), but when you put in such hard work for something that you love so much, it makes those nights even more special.

Volunteering at an LOI club really is a labour of love. For me, most days are spent at work, and then when I get home, I’m on to my second job – Wexford FC. I’m not looking for any special praise, there are many of us in the same boat, but please have a think about the effort people put in to running their club before you throw negative comments around. It’s a thankless task. My experience has found that many people are quick to criticise, but slow to stand up and make a difference.

So there you go, a small amount of what’s in my head, transformed in to words for you to read. I could write for hours about my love for my club, and all the good work that goes on behind the scenes, but for the most part, people wouldn’t want to listen. We have a great young management team, and a great young squad of players (average age versus UCD a few weeks back was just a little over 21). I know for a fact that the low points of this year will stand to us in the latter half of this season and indeed, seasons ahead. For those seasons to come, you’ll find me in Ferrycarrig Park cheering the players on. Make sure to join me for a cup of tea.