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Between the Stripes LOI podcast is a newly set up venture which aims to not only raise the profile of Longford Town FC but the League of Ireland in general. Hosted by Kieran Burke and Jonathan Brier, the show is a branch off from the Between the Stripes website set up in January of 2016 by Kieran. Since then, the site has seen huge growth with its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat accounts gaining a combined following of 1,205.

As for the website itself, in just seventeen-months it has had 12,563 unique visitors with 17,161 views. In other words that is 12,563 people who could have been exposed to your brand, your companies name no less than 17,161 times. However, it is the newly launched podcast where the real potential for sponsors can be seen and we have attached Facebook reach figures below to illustrate this.


With only three episodes uploaded to our Mixcloud account, which has just shy of forty-followers to date, Between the Stripes LOI podcast has received 793 plays. Again, this is 793 times your business could have been getting its message across to potential new customers. It is proven that consumers are more likely to remember an advert they heard on the airwaves than a printed version and with our show been published once a week, this is a wonderful low-cost opportunity for sponsors.

As mentioned above, it is our sites social media reach, particularly via Facebook, which should excite potential sponsors. The combined total reach of our first Facebook post following the upload of episodes 1,2 & 3 currently stands at an astonishing 42,586 people! The reason we say this is the current total is because it only takes one person to like, share or comment under one of these three posts and instantly that figure rises by another couple of thousand as not only is that persons friends made aware of our Facebook posts but their friends then see it through the ‘friends of friends’ privacy setting on Facebook. We must point out this figure only counts for the first Facebook status we post after a new podcast episode is uploaded. We naturally repost the link to our show multiple times throughout the week in order to maximise our views and these posts regularly reach into the thousands of people also.

IMG_8554 (1)As we all know, social media is the fastest growing advertising tool in modern business. To put this statement into actual stats we have also attached our Twitter impressions from the last twenty-four-hours only. Reaching almost 20,000 people in a single day, the advantages of having your company’s name appearing on these potential consumers feed is invaluable.

Since launching the podcast we have also been featured in the local press with an article promoting both the podcast and website in the Longford Leader, Longford’s number one selling newspaper, while we have also appeared in the Shannonside FM studio to discuss the podcast. This coverage has been a huge help in establishing a community feel to our product and we feel any potential sponsor would reap the benefits of this local support and goodwill. Not only that but any future appearances in local media would naturally include a sponsor’s name, meaning free advertisement for your brand.

IMG_8553 (1)In conclusion, we feel Between the Stripes offers a fresh an unique sponsorship opportunity for not only local business based in Longford and the surrounding Midlands and West region but also to national and international enterprises. With listeners to our podcast tuning in from countries as far afield as Malaysia, Australia and the USA to European business hubs such as Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway and most prominently Ireland’s greatest trading partner the U.K. this is a sponsorship opportunity tailored to all potential clients.

Between the Stripes currently have a number of sponsorship packages on offer, ranging from website and Podcast title sponsorship (€300) (ie. Between the Stripes LOI Sponsored by ________) to one off advertisement slots on our podcast (€50) (ie. Shout out to this week’s sponsors______ who have a special offer on product x this weekend, call in to their store before it’s over). Separately we have the potential to include your company’s logo in articles on our website (€25). These are just some of the advertising packages we have available. When you compare the cost of our packages to that of more traditional advertising slots (ie. local/national newspaper advert, radio/television advert), we feel the modern approach offered by us is far more likely to see a return on your investment and at a much lower cost.

If you would like to contact us further to discuss potential sponsorship opportunities, we are available via email on www.betweenthestripes1924@gmail.com. 

I want to thank you for taking time to read this document and on behalf of the entire Between the Stripes team we look forward to working with your brand in the near future.

Yours sincerely,

The Between the Stripes team.